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We’re in this together.
All of Us.

Over the past few months, a multitude of challenges have tested the creativity, stability and flexibility of nonprofit organizations. We are so proud to support thousands of organizations that are rising to these challenges every day.

This recent turmoil has proven that the nonprofit sector is more than the sum of its parts. And now, in this pivotal moment, it’s on us to continue rising up together — through our work and through our commitment to elevating the voices of marginalized communities in their pursuit of justice.

Now is the time to do the hard work. Let’s join our efforts, unite our energy, and build strength. Join the movement and help us rise together.

It’s Time to Step Up. Black Lives Matter.

Facilitating change starts at home — and at work. Find front-line organizations to support, audit your nonprofit’s internal culture, and learn more about what it really means to champion equity and inclusivity using the resource below.

Support your fellow Neon One orgs that are striving toward creating a better, more equal world.

Read their stories, and learn more about their missions in our latest org round-up on our blog today.’

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Do you have questions about fostering a more inclusive work environment?

The Adaway Group is a black-woman owned consulting firm specializing in equity, inclusion and social justice. Learn about their services and resources on their website.

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Meet our certified DEI partners.

McCord Consulting Group, offer customized services that include board of director development and organizational diversity training.

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Switch Your Approach & Change the Outcome

Learn how to seamlessly take your most important events online with tips from our blog. We’ve gathered best practices from organizations of all sizes to make sure you have access to the strategies that work.

Ready to Put Your Ideas Into Action?

Read to run a virtual event?

Use the Neon One Virtual Fundraising Toolkit to launch a virtual P2P campaign.

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Interested in hosting a Gives Day for your nonprofit?

Check out our Neon Giving Days platform.

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Ready to host a virtual gala?

We’ve got an out-of-the-box virtual gala ready for you with Neon Fundraise and Neon CRM.

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Using this time to consolidate your data into a new CRM?

Neon CRM offers various tiers ready to meet your organization’s needs.

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Are you an arts or theater organization looking for unique fundraising ideas?

Arts People & Neon CRM have creative solutions that can help you raise more.

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Are you a small organization, just getting started, or moving to digital fundraising?

Use our new product, Neon Raise, to quickly launch a digital fundraising campaign and start raising money today.

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Additional Resources

The Best of the Industry, in One Place

We want to be sure you have the most relevant resources at your fingertips. Here are some of our favorites:

World Health Organization

Get live updates straight from the source. The World Health Organization has the most accurate guidance on prevention, as well as a detailed Q&A section.

Learn More

Center for Disease and Prevention

The CDC has gathered a collection of resources, including advice for families, businesses, community & faith-based organizations, and more.

Learn More

National Council of Nonprofits

Get the latest information on the Federal COVID-19 Legislation and what it all means for nonprofits.

Learn More


This manual of all things COVID-19 for nonprofits has been crowdsourced by some of the leading minds in the industry.

Learn More

National Council of Nonprofits

A comprehensive resource specific to the nonprofit sector relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a roundup of free technological resources available.

Learn More

Pandemic Fundraising: What to Expect and How to Succeed in the Months Ahead

A comprehensive free guide to help your nonprofit understand the impact of fundraising over the next few months and what you can do to come out healthy on the other side.

Learn More

Share your experiences so we can rise up, together.

Use #NPOsRise on social media to share your wins, hurdles, and more with like minded nonprofit professionals.