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7 Tips For Hiring a Professional Fundraiser

What’s a Fundraising Consultant? A fundraising consultant, sometimes called professional fundraisers, are seasoned pros, field marshals of the nonprofit world. They’ve usually got several years of experience under their belts running campaigns and managing donors for nonprofits. Which is why many nonprofits consider hiring a professional fundraiser. What Does a Professional Fundraiser Do?  Usually, they’ll have […]

7 Donor Survey Questions You Should Be Asking

You don’t have to wonder what motivates your donors to give. You just have to ask the right donor survey questions. Surveying your donors is the most powerful thing you can do when it comes to improving your processes. Understanding what makes your donors tick can help you tailor their experience with your organization to […]

Nonprofit Overhead Costs: Spending to Scale Impact

This blog was contributed by Neon One Nonprofit Sales Consultant, Taylor Volk. In 2013, activist and fundraiser Dan Pallotta stood on the TED Talk stage and asked the world why nonprofits are rewarded not for the good that they do, but rather how much, or how little, they spend on overhead.  Whereas for-profit companies are […]

4 Essential Lessons in Donation Page Optimization

We just wrapped up a certification workshop on donation & landing page optimization at the Dovetail Brewery in Chicago. And while we have so many learnings to unpack, there are 4 essential lessons that every fundraiser needs to understand about donation. Just know these won’t make you a certified donation page optimizer, but they could certainly […]

4 Ways to Ensure Nonprofit Compliance

Ask yourself a question. What makes your nonprofit “go?” If you answered, “amazing donors and supporters,” you’re not wrong. If you said, “dedicated staff and tireless volunteers,” that’s a pretty good answer, too. But, what about compliance? If you’re like most people, your nonprofit’s good legal standing with state and federal regulators probably didn’t come to […]

The Benefits of Online Fundraising Compliance

The Internet is an amazing tool for your charity to share its mission and to connect with supporters around the world. If you’re like most organizations, you also use the power of your website, email, and social media to ask for and to collect donations. However, there are rules for charities that solicit contributions online. The […]