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The Neon One Academy Elite: Summer 2019

Last spring, we introduced The Neon One Academy Elite Series, where we acknowledge and celebrate top performers in our training and certification program, Neon One Academy. Now, summer is here and it’s officially time for our second installment. Congrats to these hard-working nonprofit professionals from Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture, Sweet Cheeks […]

Neon Welcomes Arts People to the Neon One Ecosystem

Nonprofit arts organizations foster spaces for people to continuously develop their creativity, making a profound positive impact within their communities. We believe in their power, and the power of the newest member of the Neon One Ecosystem: Arts People. Since 2006, Arts People has delivered software solutions that power community theatres, music halls, and other performing […]

Introducing the Neon One Academy Elite Series

Earlier this year, we launched Neon One Academy — our official training and certification program. Since then, we’ve received a great response both our clients and partners. To celebrate, we’re kicking off an exciting new program: the Neon One Academy Elite Series. Each quarter, we’ll be spotlighting high performers within the Academy to congratulate them on their […]

Neon Welcomes CiviCore to the Neon One Ecosystem

Nonprofits succeed when technology platforms work together to provide them with best-of-breed services. That’s why we are truly excited to welcome CiviCore to the Neon One ecosystem. In September, we announced we’re joining forces with Rallybound to create something bigger — Neon One. Since then, we’ve been working together to bring you the most comprehensive, all-inclusive technology solutions for your […]