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How Businesses Amplify Community Giving Events

The immediate stakeholders of giving events are apparent. There needs to be a giving event host. There needs to be nonprofits. There needs to be donors. Yet, one of the most important and misunderstood components of a successful giving event is the support of the business community. Local businesses’ aid is an essential part of […]

8 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Arts Organizations

Fundraising is about building relationships — whether you’re providing services to the vulnerable, healing the sick, or creating art. Although fundraising for arts organizations has unique challenges, like justifying the need to ask for support from donors for your arts and culture versus donating to the efforts of front-line workers, art in all forms is […]

3 Things We Learned from the 2020 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study

It is critical for nonprofits to have access to quality research.  Research helps to give a greater understanding of operations and programs in specific sectors to advance public policy and fundraising initiatives, and all-around improve the success of an organization.  This year, we partnered with NonProfit PRO for their third ever Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study. […]

How to Add a Coronavirus Relief Fund to Your Giving Day

As the coronavirus pandemic stretches deeper into the year, it is becoming increasingly clear that extraordinary measures will need to be taken to ensure our communities survive and thrive well beyond 2020.  Although economic impacts have been immense across all parts of our society, recent analysis is predicting that nonprofits, in particular, will be significantly […]