MissionBox, Inc.

Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk

Headquarters in Austin, TX

MissionBox is a two-pronged nonprofit business service.

#1. Engagement Communities™ is a private, virtual communication center—powered by MissionBox, that skyrockets your nonprofit’s ability to build your financial sustainability, people power, capacity and successful impact.

Choose Engagement Communities to take your nonprofit to the next level, with the best and latest software designed to attract and retain your key constituents.
Engagement Communities™ software from MissionBox is your nonprofit’s private community building platform for engaging crucial stakeholders:
• Major Donors
• Volunteers
• Staff
• Board/Trustees
• Partners/Collaborators/Members
• Human Services Recipients
• Advocates and Caregivers

Create deep connection and commitment to your nonprofit and your mission with your own, branded and easy-to-use Engagement Communities communication tools. Stop chasing stakeholders with emails, surveys, invitations and attachments: research shows that these methods take time, money and are ineffective in creating deep engagement.

Engagement Communities is affordable, completely customizable, mobile-enabled and quick to set up and maintain. Check out this video: https://vimeo.com/342062169

#2. MissionBox also provides free education and training on nonprofit best practices in all aspects of operations and mission delivery. With over 600,000 readers, missionbox.com is a top how-to resource for nonprofit leaders.

Monthly grants also available through MissionBox Philanthropic Fund.

MissionBox.com is committed to a world where nonprofits no longer work in isolation and without proper resources, but instead are empowered by mission-related gold knowledge, colleague connections and deep stakeholder engagement.

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