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Heather Yandow

Headquarters in Raleigh, NC

As founder of, I help nonprofit leaders connect with experts who can help them tackle their organization’s challenges.

From strategic planning to accounting, we have more than 150 consultants, coaches, lawyers, accountants and other experts ready to assist. You can be sure you’ll find the right person for your partner.

At Third Space Studio, much of my work falls under the umbrella of organizational development. I often partner with nonprofits on strategic planning, developing a theory of change, strengthening their board of directors, or other partners that seek to help nonprofits develop a better sense of where they are going and how they can get there.

I also work with organizations to design and facilitate strategic conversations at retreats, coalition gatherings, and other convenings.

I’ve always loved to teach and work with organizations to design learning experiences on topics such as meeting design and facilitation, leadership development, coaching, strategy, adaptive challenges, and failure.. Website

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