Strategic Fundraising Advisors

Darren Diess

Headquarters in Temecula, CA

Strategic Fundraising Advisors combines scientifically proven methods, with creative collaboration, to help organizations elevate fundraising to the next level.

We offer workshops, board training, Webinars and one-on-one counseling, along with state-of-the-art tools and apps for event planning and donation collection. Our team includes seasoned industry professionals, with a long track record of success: development officers, board executives, grant gurus, accountants, data managers and licensed auctioneers. When you are looking for new ideas and a way to inject your event with vibrant energy, these are the movers and shakers you want on your team!

Pluck the heartstrings to open the purse strings… A successful fundraiser is an emotional outpouring of love, empathy and giving, born out of inspired vision and a deep desire to help. Making people feel great inspires them to do great things. When you make people FEEL your mission, you will win!

Our Guarantee: We are so confident of our ability to raise your event revenue by 30% to 50%, we guarantee it! Whether your event is a gala, golf tournament, or 10K race, we can show you how to drive donations up. Let us show you the secrets behind the most successful organizations. Invite our experts into your planning process, and begin laying the groundwork for success today. Give us a call today at (619) 990-8871 to schedule a free 1 hour consultation. No obligation.

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