The Six Part

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Accelerator Series

Elevate your fundraising game with this 6-part masterclass. Hear from industry experts and peers to learn everything you need to know to become a peer-to-peer fundraising champion.

From Giving Tuesday to live streaming, watch them all.

More About the Peer-to-Peer Accelerator Series

If you are looking to innovate your peer-to-peer fundraising programs, then look no further than this 6-part series from nonprofit industry experts and peers. We cover the peer-to-peer program topics you need to know to elevate your fundraising game, from donation matching to new approaches like live streaming. Watch all 6 webinars to learn:

  • How to use GivingTuesday to kick off an end-of-year P2P campaign
  • How live streaming has changed fundraising events
  • How to create a successful DIY fundraising program
  • How to implement donation matching and endurance pledges
  • How to identify and activate power fundraisers for your mission
  • How to leverage Facebook fundraising effectively

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Heller Consulting. Technology strategists for nonprofits.
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Firefly Partners. Strategic digital solutions for progressive nonprofits.
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