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May 19, 2021
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Jenna Kotyk
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In the recent report Giving In Unprecedented Times: A Lookback at 2020 U.S. Giving Data & Trends by GivingTuesday, one of the crucial investments they cited that an organization could make is creating giving moments for their donors. 

What is becoming more evident is that community giving days takes that concept of creating giving moments and amplifies it to never before seen heights.

Here at Neon One, we have unique insight into the power of this particular type of giving moment. Our ecosystem facilitates the industry’s most successful and fastest-growing community giving days in the industry and is also helping establish new giving days every year. 

If there is one thing we have learned by partnering with organizations like North Texas Giving Day, Midland Gives, Arizona Gives, Long Beach Gives, North Platte Giving Day, it is that collaboration is vital for the success and growth of any giving day. 

That is why Neon One is excited to expand our Dream Big conference to a multi-day celebration of community giving days by virtually bringing together hosts from around the United States and Canada. What’s so great about the Dream Big virtual conference on June 15 – 16? Let’s talk about it.

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What is Dream Big?

For years, the team who built our community giving day platform has brought our clients together to discuss and connect. This yearly event would bring in around 50 individuals from around the country to learn and exchange and collaborate on all things giving day. 

Last year things changed, and we shifted to a virtual day-long set of sessions for hosts and saw attendance grow to over 120 people in 2020! 

This year will be our second entirely virtual conference for community giving day hosts on June 15 – 16 that will deepen this collaborative approach and lay the groundwork for a hybrid giving day conference in the future. These will be afternoon sessions to ensure that you can still get a ton done in the morning and then focus on professional development later in the day with your peers.

Community giving day hosts often cite the ability to share their own insights, struggles, and ideas in the larger community as one way their own days get stronger. Sharing stories, strategies, and advice is how giving days can continue to serve their nonprofits and donors more effectively.

And it is absolutely free to attend! 

What Dream Big is not:

  • Hours of endless presentations that won’t help you grow your day
  • A time-suck for you and your staff
  • A sales pitch to your hosts – we don’t care if you’re using our platform

What Dream Big will be:

  • Collaboration central for hosts
  • Diverse breakout sessions
  • Topics for group discussion
  • Networking and social opportunities to create lasting connections

Who should attend Dream Big?

You may notice that we keep referring to community giving day hosts. While an individual nonprofit organization or university may find some sessions interesting, this conference is designed to give a safe and collaborative space to hosts who bring together hundreds if not thousands of nonprofits and donors into one platform. 

If you’re part of an organization that hosts a community-driven giving day, then this is for you! Board members, program officers, fundraising and event planners, marketing teams, grant managers, technology staff – you name it, and we have a session for you! 

Join fellow giving day hosts like the folks who organize Give Miami Day, East Texas Giving Day, Colorado Gives, GiveBIG Washington, Earth Gives, and many more.

What’s the conference agenda?

As a community-driven event, much of the agenda and conversations will be driven by the giving day hosts themselves. 

During our monthly community calls with our giving day hosts, as well as a recent survey for the conference itself, we identified following sessions and topics that will be discussed during Dream Big:

  • The Future of Community Giving
  • Capacity Building and Community Engagement
  • Sustainable Models for Community Giving
  • 2021 Marketing Strategies and Results
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Community Giving’s Role
  • Product Impact on Spring 2021 Days and Upcoming Neon Giving Day Releases
  • Nonprofit Academics and Training Strategy

A few targeted sessions will feature an expert, but the vast majority will be facilitated discussions between giving day hosts. These sessions will be facilitated either by our Neon Giving Day expert staff or by giving day hosts themselves.

How does the platform work?

Neon One has invested in the Fondi virtual conference platform, and we’ve been working closely with their team to create a fantastic experience for our hosts. Some planned features include:

  • Custom profiles & AI-driven networking based on your interests and size of day
  • Speed networking and breakout rooms for small group discussion
  • Polls, presentation Q&A, and event-wide chat to feel part of the conversation
  • A unique social experience to break the monotony of Zoom Virtual Happy Hours

We will also be working hard to flag accessibility needs during the virtual conference, and everything will be recorded for on-demand review along with transcript support post-conference. 

Anything else?

You know it! Neon One prides ourselves on the experiences it creates for our attendees. 

Dream Big will include both fun rewards for attendees and game-changing announcements, including:

  • The debut of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Event Planning Framework for Neon One conferences and educational track planning with a special session on DEI facilitated by consultant partner McCord Consulting Group
  • A formal rollout of the Community Capacity Champions Program, which provides sustainable revenue opportunities for giving day hosts, ensuring nonprofits affordable access to vital technology
  • The kick-off for our industry research initiative on the true impact and importance of community giving days and their role in year-round giving
  • A showcase of the industry’s only Community Giving Day and CRM integration, which has already saved our clients hours by streamlining donor retention stewardship

We cannot wait for you to join us during this free event, celebrating community giving days. 

Bonus: The first 100 people to register and finish their profile will receive a special gift package from us.

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