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What’s New in Neon CRM: List Page Redesign

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June 03, 2019
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Ronnie Gomez
Content Marketing Manager, Neon One
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This past weekend, we launched an updated user experience for account and household list pages, based on user feedback. Here’s what you need to know: 

All Neon CRM users should be able to sift through their constituent information quickly and efficiently, which is why we created our updated list page experience — now with more viewing options, an improved search experience, and an updated design

Neon users can now choose between a compact and comfortable view of their account and household list pages. And Neon CRM will remember each users preference, so you’re all set once you pick a view that works for you.

Compact view shows your account page information as a standard data table. On the account list page your can choose which columns display to suit your needs and give you a broad overview of your account information.

Comfortable view expands these fields and groups similar information in a way that is easy to scan and digest. When looking through household information, comfortable view also displays additional summary data at a glance.

You can toggle between both views by clicking the icons next to the list page title. 

The launch of this update comes with a few features we’re really excited about, including the ability to search and filter account information without having to press enter. This will make the process of searching for a specific constituent much faster and easier. 


We will be updating all of our list pages to reflect this new user experience in the coming months. For an up-to-date listing of improvements, please see the Release Notes section in the Support Center.

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