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The Show Must Go On: How Arts and Cultural Institutions Survive (And Thrive!) in Today’s World


May 20, 2020

Hosted By

Tim Sarrantonio headshot
Tim Sarrantonio
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Neon One
Mary Cahalane headshot
Mary Cahalane
Hands on Fundraising


60 minutes


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While the coronavirus pandemic has touched everyone, one of the most uniquely affected types of nonprofits are arts and cultural institutions. These organizations rely on bringing people into their spaces to create an experience. In a world where gatherings of any size are near impossible, how can we ensure that the value of these vital institutions is made clear to supporters?

Join Neon One consultant Mary Cahalane to dissect the ways that theaters, museums, historical societies, and other arts and cultural institutions can create connections with their supporters that will last well beyond this immediate crisis.