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Happy and Memorable: How Supporter Satisfaction Is More Important Than Money


April 26, 2022
2pm ET

Hosted By

Francesco Ambrogetti headshot
Francesco Ambrogetti
Senior Coordinator, Supporter Engagement (UNICEF)


63 minutes





Too often to understand donor’s behavior we assume transactional data (monetary amount, frequency, etc.) are an indication of why individuals make that transaction and if and when they will repeat it.

In this webinar, Francesco Ambrogetti (UNICEF) will start with a simple question “are donors happy?” and show – with data and examples – that feedback, commitment, and satisfaction lead to a more predictable and valuable lifetime value.

Francesco will also look into how memory works and how we can use the “peak-end rule” from Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman to create or nudge unique memorable experiences for our supporters.

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