Stepping Up: How to Implement Donation Matching and Endurance Pledges

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Mark Becker headshot
Mark Becker
Founder, Cathexis Partners


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One of the most powerful ways to energize a peer-to-peer campaign is by giving fundraisers the power to offer donation matching. By giving aspirational opportunities to double, triple, or even quadruple success, it gives a much-needed boost after the initial rush of an experience’s launch. 

In the next installment of Peer-to-Peer Accelerator Series, we’re joined by our friends at Cathexis Partners as we breakdown how to: 

  • Give guidance on how to best navigate creating virtual and/or physical events that can offer this opportunity
  • Tactics on when and how your campaign rolls this out
  • Details on how to solicit, market, and expand on matching and pledging opportunities on behalf of your fundraisers

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