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How To Unlock More Stock Donations For Your Nonprofit


July 6, 2021
2 p.m. ET

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Jose Anaya headshot
Jose Anaya
Head of Business Development, Overflow


57 minutes





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Stock donations may be one of the most win-win contributions that your organization may ever receive. For donors, it can be a financially savvy way to balance their taxes while helping out their favorite charities. For nonprofits, it can represent a windfall in monetary contributions that can take your organization to the next level. Yet many nonprofits get apprehensive about receiving and processing stock donations. 

Within 60 minutes, you will be itching to accept stock from your donors. Join Neon One partner Overflow to learn about:

  • Why stock donations are absolutely essential for your organization to receive
  • What essential policies and procedures need to be in place for you to process these types of contributions
  • How to find and steward stock donors
  • The way that Overflow and Neon CRM can integrate stock into your CRM with little effort