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2-Part Webinar Series: Have No Fear! Neon CRM Year-End Templates are Here


November 30 & December 1, 2022
3pm ET

Hosted By

Sam Nyland headshot
Sam Nyland
Product Marketing Manager
Kirah Smith headshot
Kirah Smith
Professional Services Consultant


Part 1: 45 Minutes

Part 2: 54 Minutes

Total: 94 Minutes


Day 1 Slides

Day 2 Slides



As 2022 is coming to a close…

You’re likely running around in a craze, you probably have a neverending to-do list, and maybe you’re finding yourself staring at a blank computer screen grappling with writer’s block!

Sound familiar?  Have no fear, Neon CRM Year-end templates are here! 

Whether you’re sitting down to write your very first year-end appeal or in the throes of composing last-minute communications to reach your year-end fundraising goal – join us for a 2-Part Webinar Series all about last minute year-end strategies you can use to make sure you can enter into 2023 without headache.

In Part 1 we’ll show you where your year-end templates live inside Neon CRM. We will explore the prompts and strategies to help you quickly and creatively draft a compelling appeal. 

In Part 2 we will dive in deeper! We will discuss ways you can easily segment your audiences inside Neon CRM to make the most impact. 

After both sessions you can plan to feel motivated, confident, and ready to ring in the new year worry-free! 

Neon CRM templates we will be highlighting: 

• A three-part series of appeals 

• A New Year’s Eve appeal 

• A thank-you letter for year-end donors

Can’t wait to see you there!

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