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Everybody Matters Saves Hours Each Week with New Digital Permission Slips

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    Neon CCM
  • Customer Since: 2019

Envisioning a World Where Everybody Matters. Period.

Lori Madrid, a school social worker, would go to work every day and only be able to meet with 3-4 students, even though 10-15 students needed her help.

Lori recognized immediately that she was unable to support all the students that needed it. She would go home every day feeling defeated and overwhelmed. She was literally outnumbered. She didn’t have enough hours in the day to serve all the kids that desperately needed emotional support and services. That’s when she decided to start Everybody Matters.

Everybody Matters is a nonprofit organization based in Arizona with three distinct programs to support students, teachers, and anyone in need of telehealth services. The nonprofit was initially designed to train college-level social work interns to provide free social-emotional support to children in the school system who are unable to access those services elsewhere.

Over the last five years, Everybody Matters has provided services to more than 3,000 children and currently serves 5 school districts in Arizona.

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Everybody Matters?

virtual and in-person meetings with students in 2020

Everybody Matters has been able to continue to support students, teachers, and families, even through the pandemic.

The nonprofit organization is now serving most of their students remotely. Throughout the pandemic, they have be able to continue to support over half of their students, even while virtual.

“This year has been a weird hybrid of doing things that we’ve always done and also doing new things we’d never imagined. Before this year, we had never met with a student virtually. It just wasn’t something that wasn’t our model. But the times dictate what we have to do and we needed to be creative. We weren’t going to stop supporting students and teachers because the issues that our kids face were not going away,” Tristan Peterson-Steinert, Senior Team Leader at Everybody Matters.

Neon CCM’s entirely cloud-based database helped Everybody Matters continue to support students and teachers, even when much of their work became virtual.

Their Neon CCM Solution

Everybody Matters is a collaborative team with over 50 different interns, now working together to support three distinct programs helping students, teachers, and more in the community.

Before Neon CCM, they had a clunky custom system filled with spreadsheets. It wasn’t functional for their growing team and workflow. Information couldn’t be easily accessed and shared by different employees and interns, causing serious roadblocks to get things done quickly and efficiently. Additionally, it was imperative that the data could be kept confidential and only be accessible to the appropriate parties.

“Neon CCM has worked great for us. Our referral process is much more seamless than it used to be. We now have the ability to get electronic permission, which has saved I couldn’t even tell you how many hours of work.”

Tristan Peterson-Steinert, Senior Team Lead at Everybody Matters

Everybody Matters chose Neon CCM because it was the only system they found that was customizable, without having to include a large number of features that didn’t apply to their organization. They only had to pay for the features that they really wanted to use.

The Challenge

Before switching to Neon CCM, the Everybody Matters team had grown a lot in one year, and they needed a solution that could match the growth they were having.

No matter what, they wanted a solution that would end the large amounts of manual paperwork and consolidate their digital workflows across interns and employees. 

“It wasn’t really sustainable to track down pieces of paper. We knew that there must be a better way, and ideally, we wanted it completely digital,” Tristan explained.

They spent over a month demo-ing different solutions, but most of the solutions were either out of the box or included many features that they wouldn’t use and didn’t want to pay for.

Neon CCM matched their price point and allowed them to create a customized system that fits their distinct workflow as an organization that does case management.

The Solution

Neon CCM’s custom client and case management solutions allowed Everybody Matters to put their service first, rather than focusing on manual data entry and tracking down paper permission slips.

With Neon CCM, Everybody Matters was able to:

  • Turn their paper permission slips into a digital process for parents to easily fill out and submit. You can only hear the phrase, “My dog ate my permission slip,” so many times.
  • Create a database with different levels of access for different districts and positions at their organization.
  • Fully digitize their workflows from referrals to assessments. Before Neon CCM, they had to manually copy data at the end of the year for over 1,000 students. That is weeks worth of data entry!

Neon CCM solved all of our pain points,” Tristan Peterson-Steinert, Senior Team Lead. “I know Neon CCM has been successful for our team because nobody wants to go back to the old way of doing things.”

Our team will work with you to build a system tailored to the specific needs and mission, so you can focus on the people you serve.

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