Why Focusing on Training & Education for Nonprofits Leads to the Best Giving Days

Providing Training & Tools to Support Nonprofits

GiveBIG Washington is a community fundraising event that provides an opportunity for individuals, businesses, and organizations to come together and support the communities of Washington across the state.

GiveBIG Washington is a 48-hour public “Giving Event” campaign held on May 5-6, 2020. GiveBIG Washington, formerly known as GiveBIG Seattle, has expanded to the entire state of Washington in the past two years.

Camille Rochester

GiveBIG Washington Campaign Manager

“Giving days democratize philanthropy. It’s not just those with the biggest pocketbooks that can give and make a change in our world.”

Unlike many Giving Events hosted by Foundations, the event is now organized by 501 Commons, a management consulting and 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 501 Commons provides 30+ services, including finance, HR, technology, data solutions, and much more, to support nonprofits of all sizes and missions.

Their dedicated staff and volunteers focus on training and tools, providing live webinars, workshops, bi-weekly training emails, and downloadable resources to nearly 1,700 nonprofits. 501 Commons aims to provide fundraising and communication knowledge that organizations can apply all year long, not just during GiveBIG.

$19.2 Million
Dollars Raised

Increase in New Donors

Participating Nonprofits

Supporting Each and Every Nonprofit

Every nonprofit is in a different place when it comes to experience and support. That’s why 501 Commons provides two different types of training for their Giving Event — one for those just starting out and another for those leveling up. They also offer a Campaign Assistance Program for more hands-on support.

The GiveBIG Campaign Assistance Program

For the last two years, the GiveBIG has piloted a Campaign Support Program that provides hands-on campaign consulting and support. Seventeen different organizations have now successfully participated in this free program.

In 2020, East African Community Services used the program to plan and implement their GiveBIG campaign. In the first ten days of early giving, they raised 35 times what they raised in 2019. A key driver behind their success was the ability to host peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Just 22 individual campaigns brought in over 85% of their total donations.

Their Giving Event Results

2020 was 501 Commons’ second year hosting GiveBIG Washington, formerly known as GiveBIG Seattle. In just two years, they have grown their program to serve the entire state of Washington while also driving an increase in total amount raised, total participating nonprofits, the total number of donations, and net new donors.

GiveBIG implemented a variety of Neon Giving Day features, including virtual event listing and sharing, Donor-Advised Funds (DAF) checkout functionality, automatic emails, peer-to-peer functionality, and new nonprofit dashboards to track nonprofit’s goals leading up to and during the Giving Event.

Increase in Average Donations

of Participating Organizations raised over $1,000

Increase in Total Amount Raised

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