Fundraising tools focused on donor experience and operational efficiency 

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Your organization deserves intuitive tools that act as an extension of your fundraising team, enabling them to do more. Neon One’s fundraising products are designed to exceed your needs — by people who’ve been in your shoes. With Neon One, you can:

  • Manage and refine your fundraising strategy with a suite of features built to streamline the donor cultivation process
  • Reach new audiences through innovative social fundraising tools that turn your biggest supporters into skilled fundraisers
  • Inspire communities to rally around local organizations with giving events tailored to maximize engagement
  • Create an efficient and enjoyable giving experience that makes people want to keep on giving



Raised across all Neon One platforms.

Our Platforms

Best in class fundraising solutions

Our suite of fundraising tools supports fundraising initiatives for organizations in any stage of their growth journey. From mission-focused campaigns to your annual fund – we’ve got you covered.


All the tools you need to engage donors, accept online donations, and measure your performance — all in one easy-to-use fundraising database.

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Empower your individual fundraisers with an effortless, enterprise level peer to peer digital fundraising platform that makes it easy to give and share with friends.

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CiviCore Giving Events

Create a culture of philanthropy with a scalable, user-friendly giving event platform that’s perfect for community foundations and educational institutions.

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Arts People

Intuitive events ticketing designed to seamlessly integrate fundraising appeals, creating new opportunities to foster relationships with patrons and supporters.

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Create transparency from fundraising to finance

Our in-house payment processor centralizes your payment systems, allowing you to handle everything from managing payouts to creating reports in one user-friendly dashboard.

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Payments made easy

Accept credit cards, debit cards, and checks online and in-person, with customizable monthly, weekly, or daily payouts.


Protect your funds

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned dollars are protected by a fully tokenized Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant platforms.

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