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Monthly Product Updates

March 2024

Neon CRM

Generosity Indicator Unlock deeper supporter connections with the new Neon One Generosity Indicator. Use this tool to leverage data and understand supporter affinity, recency, frequency, and value-enhancing mission alignment and community engagement.

Events: Priority WaitlistsAllow attendees to secure spots as they become available while event organizers can view, prioritize, and manage waitlist capacity and customized communications for a seamless experience.

Grants ManagementEfficiently manage and report on grants with Neon CRM’s enhanced grants features. Introducing the Close Date field and displaying pledge installments in the pledge/donation table on the grant detail page. These small but mighty updates will help streamline the entire grant management process, from application to close-out, saving valuable time for your organization. 

Join our product experts for the March 2024 Neon CRM Monthly Release webinar on March 19 to see each of these updates in action, get a detailed overview, and learn how these improvements can benefit your organization!

Neon Websites

Neon CRM Calendar WidgetAutomatically sync your new and legacy events from Neon CRM to the new event calendar widget that matches the theme and color of your website.  

Monthly Giving ButtonIncrease your fundraising revenue and create autonomy with your donors by allowing them to donate monthly. A Donate Monthly button can be customized within current website templates.