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Client & Case Tracking Software that Works the Way You Do

With Neon CCM, you can say goodbye to paper notes and spreadsheets. Our tailored client and case management software is designed to streamline your workload, so that you can focus on those in need.

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Tailored. Efficient. Secure. 

Your software should be easy to manage. That‘s why we design each Neon CCM system to complement how your team works, from your day-to-day process, right down to the language you use. 


Our cloud-based system can be accessed on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device, so on-the-go case managers always have a secure place to keep notes. 

Secure Access Levels

Make sure sensitive information stays in the right hands with custom user groups that can be granted permission to approved data sets.

Easy Reporting

Simplify outcome reporting with unlimited custom reports that can be built out by your Neon CCM project manager. If you’re tracking it, you can report on it. 

Unlimited Users & Records

With no limits on the amount of staff, volunteers, and contacts that can be recorded within your database, Neon CCM scales alongside your organization at no additional cost.

Whether you’re a tech wizard or digital caveman, Neon CCM is suitable for all walks of life. We now have the ability to be extremely flexible and to create the programs we really need.”

Brad Kirshenbaum

Project Manager, Partnership 4 Kids

Partnership 4 Kids
Partnership 4 Kids