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Increase Donations With Workflow Automation


July 13, 2021
2 p.m. ET

Hosted By

Sofia Dimas headshot
Sofia Dimas
Account Executive, Neon One


61 minutes





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With 86% of nonprofit employees doing work outside of why they were hired, the ability to automate important tasks to help raise more money is vital. Workflow automation can do amazing things – set up calls for mid-level donors, flag new wealth prospects, schedule a donation anniversary check in call, send reports to your board automatically, set up recurring donation welcome newsletters – the practical applications are endless.

Neon CRM’s workflows feature is a powerful tool to help free up time so you can focus on actually building relationships with your donors. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Why strategic automation is vital for growing your organization’s revenue
  • The way that Neon CRM’s workflow automation feature can free up hours of time
  • Top five workflows your organization should initiate within Neon CRM