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Best Nonprofit Website Design Solutions That Drive Results

You’ve finally discovered the platform that gives you the freedom and confidence to build, manage, and grow your organization online – exactly the way you envisioned

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Easy-to-use platform tools

A powerful yet simple website builder and editor

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Generate a stylish and flexible website aligned with your mission

Publish a customized and modern website using mission aligned nonprofit templates that you can modify on the fly

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Build better relationships with website visitors

Create customized pop-ups and unique experiences to engage with your website visitors based on geographic location, time of day, number of visits, and device

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Increase organic website traffic

Deliver great content and make sure your website continually ranks high on performance and page speed

The Things You Need to Get Started and to Grow

Neon Websites Features

Drag and Drop Visual Editor

Need to build a new page? No problem! Simply drag and drop hundreds of design features like videos, photo galleries, icons and vector art.

Dynamic Nonprofit Templates

Want to get up and running quickly? Start with our in-house professionally designed and mission aligned templates.

Responsive From the Start

Deliver a highly-converting, great-looking website no matter what device your visitors use.

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Fast Page Delivery and Load Time

Fast websites convert better, and we have you covered. Optimize your site for lightning-fast page loading and overall website performance.

No Coding Needed

You don’t need to know any code at all to be able to customize your site or to add robust and dynamic features.

Industry-leading SEO & Web Performance

Increase traffic to your website and confidently engage with your constituents.

Built-in Analytics

Quickly understand site visitors, origins, and pages visits without having to configure or manage a separate analytics platform.

Social Media Integration

Stay connected and easily integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Audio + Video Media

Drag n drop popular audio and video widgets like Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud into your website.

Marketing + Communications Connectors

Connect with your Neon CRM email communications platform or integrate with MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Neon CRM Integration

Dynamically share Events and Campaign data between Neon CRM and Neon Websites in real-time.

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Turn-key Fast Setup

Whether we are helping you build your site, or you are taking the DIY route – know that you can have your website built, designed and launched in no time.


Take control of your website and further your learning with guided video training tutorials and detailed instruction.

Site Maintenance

Hosting, security certificates, platform updates, site backups — yikes. We take care of all those confusing details (and costs), so you can stay focused on the important work your organization does.

ADA Accessibility

Make sure your website is accessible to everyone with built-in platform features like keyboard navigation, internationalization, and compliance automation tools.

Powerful Tools That Take Your Website To The Next Level

Enhancement App Collections with Neon Websites

Compliance Collection

Handle sensitive data while adhering to both national and international regulations. Safeguard user information, ensure transparency, and meet ADA, WCAG, GDPR, and CCPA requirements.

See All Website Enhancements

Performance Collection

Refine strategies to increase engagement and navigation, and boost your website’s performance with enhanced site navigation and SEO performance for an improved user experience.  

Learn About Performance Enhancements And More

Marketing Collection

Target specific audience segments, increase conversion rates, and optimize listings to maximize search performance and boost site traffic.

See This And Other Enhancement Apps

Advanced Design Collection

Step up your site’s visual appeal by incorporating impactful design elements that make a lasting impression.

Learn More About Website Enhancement Apps

Language Collection

Deliver SEO-optimized translations to expand your global reach, extend visibility, and attract higher-quality traffic.

Learn More About Website Enhancement Apps

All-in-One Collection

The ultimate digital solution for website optimization, marketing visibility, advanced design flexibility, compliance and accessibility and seamless multi-language translation – all tailored for maximum SEO impact.

Learn More About Website Enhancement Apps

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Client Testimonials

“We feel confident using the Neon Websites platform, we can make corrections to pages, and easily go in and update content whenever we need.”


New York State Dispute Resolution Association

Current Client

“We went from having spreadsheets for all of our programs, an advocacy database just for advocacy, our member database and special events database. We didn’t know what was going on. We honed in on something that was going to work for us, and that was Neon, because Neon does it all.”

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Sense of Security

Current Client

Neon Websites Pricing

Dynamic, easy to build, edit and manage — what’s even better? The affordability


Starting at

$49 /month

Take creativity into your own hands, with out-of-the-box templates and tools that you can use to build an entire website on your own.


Starting at

$49 /month

6 pages

Start with a blank canvas and have the Neon Websites team build a website template that meets your organization’s unique design goals, we’ll take the building from there.

$1000 one-time fee

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