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Product Webinar: Neon CRM’s New Email Tools


April 1, 2021
2 p.m. ET

Hosted By

Adam Stevenson headshot
Adam Stevenson
Product Manager, Neon CRM
Alaa Tellat headshot
Alaa Tellat
Product Designer, Neon CRM


65 minutes



Video Transcript


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During 2020, Neon CRM clients sent out over 250 million emails to their audiences from their systems. With 46% of email users now checking what they receive on a mobile device, having amazing and engaging content to drive interest is key.

Join us in this upcoming presentation by our product team to learn about the major product upgrades to our email functionality and features we’re rolling out on April 10th. 

During this webinar, we will be learning:

  • How the Neon CRM team identifies when something needs improvement
  • The ways we incorporated client feedback and industry best practices into our new email builder
  • The enhancements we’ll be rolling out that will delight our clients when they are creating audiences, building and sending emails, and analyzing successes
  • A detailed product walk through of these enhancements as well as a roadmap of what’s next
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