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Thank You Thank You Thank You: The How, When, What, Where and Why of Donor Thank Yous


November 4, 2021
2pm ET

Hosted By

Gregg Bossen headshot
Gregg Bossen
Founder/CEO, QuickBooks Made Easy for Nonprofits


75 minutes





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During this lively fast paced webinar you will learn what the in’s and out’s are of thanking your donors, both what the law requires and what is just good practice for keeping your donors happy!

Questions people have:

·         Do you struggle to understand when you are required to send a thank you letter /email to a donor and what is supposed to be stated in the letter/email?

·         What about an in-kind donation or a ticket sale to a fundraising event? What goes on thank you letters for those types of gifts?

·         What if you give the donor something in return for their gift like a meal, a T-Shirt or a Coffee Mug? Does that change what goes on the letter/email? And how do you place a value on this stuff?  

·         What about gifts that come through a 3rd party like a donor advised fund?  Can I/should I be thanking those donors even though they are already being thanked by the 3rd party and if so how?

Join National Nonprofit QuickBooks trainer Gregg S. Bossen CPA, as he guides you through exactly what the law requires of you when thanking donors.