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Tracking Students, Parents, Alumni, & Donors in One Unified System

Chicago Jewish Day School, warmly known as CJDS, is a multi-denominational, progressive Jewish day school that has produced a standard of excellence in both Judaic and general studies for the past 17 years.

The team at CJDS needed a system that could track students, parents, alumni, and donors. For them, a data migration would require more than just uploading contact information. Importing household relationships was essential to their ability to track activities and pull reports.

Naomi Shapiro

Director of Institutional Advancement, CJDS

“Neon CRM saves so much time! It’s easy to track information and see what is happening in our school. We used it for tracking donor registration for an event, and it was much less manual work.”

Migrating your Data — the Right Way

For your organization, data isn’t just data — it’s people.

As a whole, it represents your supporters and their unique history with your organization. Migrating this valuable information in a new system can be stress-inducing, and reasonably so — but it doesn’t have to be.

The Neon Professional Services team has helped thousands of nonprofits migrate data into their new Neon CRM system with our professional import services. We specialize in taking a strategic approach to this process, analyzing and auditing your data to bring you the best solution possible.

Chicago Jewish Day School’s Professional Import Results

Multiple spreadsheets combined in one streamlined database.

A Neon Professional Services consultant worked with Chicago Jewish Day School (CJDS) to assess the current state of their data and to map out goals for system set up. From there, they developed tailored system recommendations and got to work.

In total, information from 28 separate spreadsheets was distilled into their new Neon system. Upon launch, their new CRM was ready with tracked households, historical donation data, student records, and more.

The Professional Import: Step-by-Step

CJDS began an implementation process with another software provider but found the process difficult to manage without a database manager on staff. When switching to Neon, their team chose to take advantage of our professional import services.

Take a look at our process for professional imports:

Personalized Data Estimate

There is no one size fits all for data migration. Neon CRM’s in-depth data estimate process accounts for the full scope of the project, allowing our team to provide the most accurate pricing estimate possible.

Intro Meeting & Data Consultation

After signing your contract, you’ll get connected with a Neon Professional Services Consultant. They’ll take time to understand your organization’s goals and work with you to develop the best plan for your migration and ongoing data maintenance.

Professional Import

During the import, our data team will remove duplicate records and outdated contact information to create a cleaner system experience. They also tailor updates to your system, creating quick solutions for everyday tasks like tracking and reporting. 

Import Review & Configuration

Once the import is finalized, your consultant will work with you to configure key features, like automatic donation processing. They will also explain common use strategies for you to get the most out of your database from the start. 

Esther Solooki

“Our old system didn’t do that much for us, even the reporting. It didn’t have any type of analytics. There was no way to create a call list or track any type of event. It was doing the minimal job, but we felt something new would get us much more.”

Neon One’s Professional Import takes your data and turns it into insights

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