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2021 Finding Your Power Fundraisers Report

Understanding the power of peer-to-peer fundraising.
March 15, 2021
2021 Finding Your Power Fundraisers Report

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When we reflect back on 2020, there is one key player that made a difference for nonprofits of all sizes: the individual fundraiser for a social good organization’s peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. As we combed through the data, we found that some of our most organized and best performing clients had one thing in common.

They all were able to activate power fundraisers. These were individuals who stepped up, raised amazing amounts of money, and kept coming back. When the going got tough, these people got going. 

They got to work, figuring out how to safely raise money for the causes they believe in. Whether participating in virtual endurance events, supporting a livestream fundraiser, and or joining distanced in-person events, these people showed up for their mission.

In this report, we’ll be going over power fundraisers — who they are, how to support them, and why they succeed. We also talked to our clients and partners running peer-to-peer campaigns to learn from their 2020 experiences. 

We hope you find this useful as you plan your ongoing peer-to-peer strategy.