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How to Perfect Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

Nonprofit Newsletter Example Included
April 09, 2021
How to Perfect Your Nonprofit Email Newsletter

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Your nonprofit’s email newsletter is one of your most important brand-building tools, and there are millions of nonprofit newsletter examples to sort through. Your newsletter gives your team a unique venue to show who you are — your ongoing work, your goals, and your progress.

And now that newsletters have become a full-blown industry, with entire companies built of popular monthlies like The Skimm and NextDraft, they can become easy to overthink. But fret not! You don’t have to have the most beautiful or inventive newsletter ever sent. We’ve done the work at looking through different nonprofit newsletter examples and gathered insights so you can build one that works best for you and your mission.

In this guide, we’ll be sharing:

  • How to set up, draft, and design a great email newsletter
  • The steps to take to optimize your email formatting

Plus, you’ll get a free nonprofit newsletter example to use the next time you need some inspiration