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6 Essential Nonprofit Website Design Tips

Is your website working for you? Use this ebook to find out.
December 08, 2020
6 Essential Nonprofit Website Design Tips

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It only takes a few seconds for a potential donor to decide whether they will spend time on your site or flip over to a new tab and forget about it entirely. Web design is often the deciding factor. 

Great nonprofit website design can help you create an informative and eye-catching website that will draw visitors to your mission and more importantly, to your donation page. Without strategic design elements, it’s much harder to keep people on the page, much less interested in your organization’s story.

Your website design is essential to maintaining credibility and building trust with potential donors — first impressions matter. Learn how you can make a great one with our latest ebook.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Nonprofit best practices for website design — based on user research
  • Simple design steps you can take to inspire trust and engage donors
  • Real examples of successful nonprofit websites