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The Fundraiser’s KPI Worksheet

January 11, 2024
The Fundraiser’s KPI Worksheet

Does the thought of tracking fundraising metrics feel overwhelming? Would you rather go to the dentist than think through key performance indicators (KPIs) will be most useful to you?

You’re not alone! Tracking your fundraising performance can be a time-consuming and sometimes emotional task. But it’ll make you a more efficient fundraiser—and this worksheet will get you started.

When you download The Fundraiser’s KPI Worksheet, you’ll learn about:

  • Eight important fundraising KPIs and why they’re important
  • What data you’ll need to calculate them
  • Simple formulas for tracking your performance

Tracking these high-level metrics will give you insight into where you’re beating your goals and where you can hone your fundraising strategies. Measuring your performance doesn’t have to be overwhelming—download the worksheet and get started!

Get the Worksheet