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The Recurring Giving Readiness Guide

June 07, 2024
The Recurring Giving Readiness Guide

Recurring donors are generous, loyal, and deeply committed to the causes they support. Cultivating a community of these supporters will come with tons different benefits. But how do you actually do it?

This resource can help you!

The Recurring Giving Readiness Guide will walk you through the steps of starting a recurring giving program. Whether you’re looking to implement a simple recurring giving option or develop an entire recurring giving program, this guide is for you.

It covers all the essentials, including step-by-step plans to:

  • Evaluate your current resources
  • Effectively tapping into your community
  • Draft impact statements and appeals
  • Create a modern donor experience
  • Creatively engage and retain recurring donors

Download the guide today to elevate your impact! You’ll build relationships with the people who are most excited about partnering with you to make a difference—and those relationships will last for years to come.