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Simplify Your Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online + Neon CRM

Good news for QuickBooks Online users! It’s easier than ever to manage your nonprofit’s bookkeeping and accounting by connecting Neon CRM with QuickBooks Online. 

When you use QuickBooks Online and Neon CRM together, it’s easy to:

  • Automatically record donations, membership purchases, event registrations, and other transactions in QuickBooks
  • Eliminate time intensive manual data entry
  • Reduce errors and save time with automated workflows and data syncs
  • See all of your payment processing fees, incoming revenue, and other important figures at a glance
  • Find and correct duplicate accounts to ensure your accounting is accurate
  • Run reports, reconcile revenue, and track expenses in the way that works best for your organization

Why Use QuickBooks Online & Neon CRM?

Connecting Neon CRM and QuickBooks Online will empower you to:

Track Campaign Success

Keep an eye on your campaign expenses and incoming revenue.

When you connect Neon CRM and QuickBooks Online, it’s easy to track both your expenditures and incoming donations, memberships, event registrations, and more in a single view.

Simplify Your Processes

Get a complete view of your donor and financial data in one view. It’s easier than ever to sync donor information, track budgets, and keep your data secure and up to date.

Using Neon CRM and QuickBooks Online together will give your staff the information they need to manage their financial data more efficiently.

Grow Without Fear

As your organization grows, the amount of data you’ll collect will grow, too. That can mean spending extra time managing that information. 

When you connect Neon CRM and QuickBooks Online, that data syncs automatically between both systems—no extra data entry required. 

Neon CRM & QuickBooks Online

Did you know you can buy Neon CRM and QuickBooks Online together? Here’s how.

If You’re a Neon CRM Client

If you already use QuickBooks Online, you can set up this integration yourself. If you don’t use QuickBooks Online and are interested in how it can simplify your bookkeeping, contact our client support team for more information.

Contact Support

If You’re New to Neon CRM

Whether you already have a QuickBooks Online account or want to get Neon CRM and QuickBooks Online together, our sales team is here to help. Contact us to learn more about this integration and what it can do for your team.

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