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Helping nonprofits make change through social media


November 1-2, 2023

1pm to 5:30pm ET


Online, Everywhere

What is the Summit?

A two-day virtual conference for nonprofit professionals looking to exchange ideas, experiences, and knowledge with a hyper focus on social media. 

Nonprofits of all sizes use social media every day to grab attention, inspire curiosity, and ultimately raise money for their causes. However, many nonprofit social media campaigns fall flat, launch to crickets, and fail to get results. It’s not because we don’t do great work – we know that we do!

Many of us don’t get results on social media because we don’t know how to leverage the power and potential of the platforms to engage people in our cause, and most importantly – to get them to take action. We are left spinning our wheels, posting once in a while and hoping it works. (Hint: It won’t.) 

This limited-enrollment virtual training summit will help you to build an actionable nonprofit social media plan that effectively integrates these tools into your multichannel marketing and fundraising campaigns.

We’re working on the 2024 vision now!

Julia is curating the following for you:

Session Topics

  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • GivingTuesday

Platform Specific Sessions

  • Facebook
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • And much more!

Nonprofit Social Media Summit Ticket Options

General Access Ticket

Access to live sessions and all the fun we have planned, including all keynotes.

Does not include post-event access to recordings or premium workshops.


Premium Pass

Access to all recordings and supporting resources and a Bonus Workshop hosted by Julia on “How to Plan Your 2024 Communications Calendar” and an on-demand workshop, “How Nonprofits Can Use TikTok for Fundraising and Marketing”


We’ve curated the experience to ensure you find what you’re looking to learn:


If you’re in Marketing, you want tips from other Marketers. We get it! Once you register, you can flag sessions that are personalized for your nonprofit role.


Want to learn about trends specific to the platforms you rely on? Or want to explore whether a new platform is worth it? We got you covered.


Virtual conferences don’t mean you’re just staring at a screen all day! We’ll make sure to keep things interesting and engaging.


Creating an accessible digital learning environment is important. All sessions will have captions and transcripts as part of the event.

Summit Keynote Speakers

portrait of Kia Croom
portrait of Kia Croom

Kia Croom

Kia Croom Consulting

Headshot of Dana Snyder, wearing a yellow jacket
Headshot of Dana Snyder, wearing a yellow jacket

Dana Snyder

Positive Equation

November 1 – 2, 2023 | Online

2023 NSMS Agenda

Day One Kick Off: Live Coaching for One Nonprofit’s Social Media Strategy

Speakers: Julia Campbell, host of the Nonprofit Social Media Summit and creator of Social Media for Social Good Academy and Tim Sarrantonio, Director of Corporate Brand, Neon One

See what’s working and what can be improved, in real time! 

Ignite Your Impact: How to Boost Your Cause with LinkedIn and Actionable AI Strategies

Speaker: Angela Pitter, CEO of LiveWire Collaborative

Master the art of crafting a LinkedIn profile, build authentic connections with potential donors, and harness AI’s capabilities to enhance your content strategies and elevate your cause.

Meta Ads Trends and The Rise of ChatGPT for Ad Creation

Speaker: Susu Wong, Founder of Tomo360 & Co-Founder of Women Accelerators

Learn how to navigate Meta and social advertising to boost your nonprofit’s reach and engagement.

Play It Again, Sam: How (and Why) to Create Content You Can Share & Share Again

Speaker: Abby Jarvis, Neon One

Get some fantastic tips on how to take your existing content and repurpose it into social media magic.

Day Two Opening Keynote

Speaker: Dana Snyder, Founder of Positive Equation

Our day two keynote will dive into the importance of YOUR personal stories and how to share them to amplify your organization’s mission.

Social Media for Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement

Speaker: Geng Wang, CEO and Founder of Civic Champs

Discover effective strategies to leverage social media for recruiting and engaging volunteers in your nonprofit.

Unlocking The Power of Artificial Intelligence for Social Media Content Creation

Speakers: Josh Hirsch, Senior Strategist for Soukup Strategic Solutions

Learn how to harness artificial intelligence to generate compelling and impactful social media content for your nonprofit.

Maximizing Donations through YouTube Fundraising Strategies

Speaker: Adora Drake, Principal of High Spirits Essentials Marketing, LLC

In this engaging and informative session, participants will embark on a journey to unlock the full potential of YouTube for nonprofit organizations. Whether you’re new to YouTube or looking to optimize your existing channel, this session is tailored to meet your needs.

Influencer Marketing Best Practices from The Trenches

Speakers: Ash Collins, Influencer Relations Specialist, Best Friends Animal Society and Emile Rackovan, Social Media Fundraising Specialist at Best Friends Animal Society

Discover how to optimize your nonprofit’s influencer marketing strategy to effectively reach your audience, drive engagement, and boost fundraising efforts.

Day Two Closing Keynote

Speaker: Kia Croom Fundraising & Philanthropy, Inc.

Our closing keynote will fire up attendees and prepare you to put into action the lessons you’ve learned. 

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