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Arts People Merchant Account Product Terms


Last Updated:  February 1, 2021 to reflect that these Terms are for APMA US Clients

These Neon One Product-Specific Terms for Arts People Merchant Account – US (these “APMA-US Terms“), which are Additional Terms subject to the Neon One General Terms of Service made available at  (the “Terms of Service”), set forth the terms and conditions upon which Neon One, LLC, directly or through Arts People (“Neon One“, “we” or “us”) offers you, our end-users (“Customer“, “you” or “your”), access to an Arts People Merchant Account in the United States (the “APMA-US Service”).  For clarity, if you are accessing an Arts People Merchant Account in Canada, such access is governed by and subject to the Neon One Product-Specific Terms for Arts People Merchant Account – Canada, available at (and not these APMA-US Terms).  Access to the APMA-US Service is provided solely in accordance with, and subject to these APMA-US Terms, the Terms of Service, the Sales Order, and any other Additional Terms.  Capitalized terms used in these APMA-US Terms and not otherwise defined herein shall have the meanings provided in the Terms of Service.  

This is a legally enforceable contract.  By submitting or otherwise agreeing to a Sales Order, clicking “I Agree” to the Terms of Service or by accessing or otherwise using APMA-US, you agree to be bound by these APMA-US Terms, the Terms of Service, the Sales Order, and any other applicable Additional Terms.  If you do not agree to all such terms, do not access or use the APMA-US Service.  

From time to time, Neon One may modify these APMA-US Terms in the same manner in which the Term of Service may be modified in accordance with the terms thereof. 


1.1 Overview. The APMA-US Service allows you to accept payments via credit card, debit card, and ACH transactions including processing cards bearing the trademarks of Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, and American Express® (collectively, the “Networks”). The APMA-US Service will collect, transmit, and store data for payment processing with third-party payment gateway services providers (“Payment Gateways”) and payment processors (“Payment Processors”). We will use your constituents’ and/or customers’ (“Constituents”) cardholder and online financial transactions data (“Transaction Data“) only in the provisioning of APMA-US Service; provided, however, we may use the Transaction Data in an aggregate form combined with the data of other Neon One clients for statistical analysis and reporting. Neon One is not a depository institution and does not offer banking services or Money Service Business services as these terms are defined by the United States Department of Treasury. You are not a third party beneficiary under, nor do you have any rights under, our contracts with third parties including Payment Gateways, Payment Processors, Networks, or banks.

1.2 Processing Agreement. Neon One processes payments you receive from your Constituents via APMA-US Service. In order to serve in this role, You must enter into a an agreement with Neon One to allow you to qualify as a sub-merchant as required by our Networks, Payment Processors, Payment Gateways and/or banks, as applicable. By accepting these APMA-US Terms and using the APMA-US Service, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by and comply with, these APMA-US Terms, as may be amended from time to time without prior notice to you. We may change, replace, or terminate the services of any Payment Gateway and/or Payment Processor upon notice to you. In the event of replacement of a Payment Gateway and/or Payment Processor, you understand and agree that you may be required to execute additional terms and conditions associated with such a replacement. You acknowledge and agree that your continued use of the APMA-US Service constitutes your agreement to such additional terms and conditions and you will be subject to such revised terms. You further understand and agree that any breach by you of any Sub-Merchant Agreement or any agreement with any Payment Gateway, Payment Processor, or the like shall be deemed to be a breach by you of these APMA-US Terms.


2.1 Background Checks. Use of the APMA-US Service requires you to provide information about you necessary to enable Neon One to verify your identity, including (a) personal information (full legal name, resident address, date of birth, and Social Security Number (or other government ID, if not a U.S. citizen) for your beneficial ownership (25% or more equity ownership) and/or your principal officer (having control over your organization, such as CEO or CFO) and (b) verification of your ownership of your bank account(s) that may be used for payment purposes including deposit of processed funds as required from time to time by anti-money laundering laws, other applicable laws and Neon One’s internal underwriting, risk, anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and procedures as well as creditworthiness background checks.

2.2 Payouts. Funds processed through APMA-US Service will be disbursed to you interest free, less any refunds, chargebacks, and any applicable fees including APMA Processing Fees (as defined below). Funds processed through the APMA-US Service shall be disbursed on a weekly basis at the close of each week (unless you have selected daily or monthly payout pursuant to your Sales Order). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, you acknowledge and agree that Neon One may withhold, suspend or delay disbursement of funds to you if Neon One is required to withhold such amounts by Applicable Law, if you are delinquent in any amount owed to Neon One under the Agreement, or otherwise in order to protect Neon One against the risk of, among other things, existing, potential or anticipated chargebacks, fraud or your failure to fulfill your responsibilities under the Agreement. Such withholding, suspension or delay may be temporary or permanent as determined by Neon One in its discretion.

2.3 Direct Deposit ACH Form. You shall provide Neon One with a completed Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposits (ACH Credits) with your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to permit Neon One to make deposits to your bank account in accordance with your disbursement instructions. Neon One reserves the right to hold on your behalf any funds collected using APMA-US Service until you provide a completed Authorization Agreement to Neon One and Neon One has successfully verified your depository bank account used in connection with APMA-US Service.

2.4 Refunds. It is your responsibility to communicate your refund policy to Constituents. You shall ensure that your refund policy is consistent with the Agreement. All refunds will be charged to you along with any applicable Fees. All communications or disputes regarding refunds are between you and your Constituents. Neon One may force a refund of any charges that Neon One reasonably believes are fraudulent or if Neon One receives complaints from a substantial number (as determined by Neon One in its discretion) of Constituents with respect to your events or offerings. You are still responsible for ticketing and associated fees with respect to refunded amounts.

2.5 Reconciliation and Charge Backs; Debit of Your Account. Neon One shall perform daily internal reconciliations and provide chargeback management services via the APMA-US merchant portal in connection with delivering statements and payment disbursements to you. You are solely responsible for your individual transaction reconciliations for each disbursement. You are solely responsible for communications or disputes regarding chargebacks. You are solely responsible for payment of all chargebacks and ticketing and associated fees of any kind whatsoever against any merchant account established by Neon One for the purpose of consummating financial transactions conducted on your behalf. For any negative transactions including any refunds and/or chargebacks, Neon One reserves the right to offset such negative transactions against disbursements to you, or, if any disbursement is less than such offset, debit your bank account the balance of such offset. You agree that Neon One may, without prior notice to you, debit your bank account for the full amount of any negative or debit balance including chargebacks and reversals if at the end of any disbursement there is a negative or debit balance in your APMA-US account. If Neon One is unable to collect on any refunds and/or chargebacks using offset of your disbursement or debit of your bank account, Neon One shall have the right to invoice you any unpaid balance which shall be subject to interest that Neon One is entitled to charge pursuant to the Terms of Service.

2.6 Transaction Limits. Unless otherwise pre-approved in writing by Neon One, the per transaction limit for transactions processed in connection with the APMA-US Service will be $25,000.

2.7 Reserve. You acknowledge and agree that in addition to other rights afforded to Neon One under these APMA-US Terms, Neon One may establish a reserve account to satisfy any of your actual or potential delinquent obligations under these APMA-US Terms, including any Additional Terms, or any other agreement between you and Neon One (the “Reserve Account”). Neon One may (but is not required to) apply funds in the Reserve Account toward and may set off any funds that would otherwise be payable to you against the satisfaction of any amounts which are due from you. The Reserve Account will not bear interest, and you will have no right or interest in the funds in the Reserve Account. Upon satisfaction of all your obligations under such agreements, Neon One will pay to you any funds then remaining in the Reserve Account. Any funds in the Reserve Account may be commingled with other funds and need not be maintained in a separate account. The parties’ rights and obligations under this Section shall survive the termination of the Agreement.

2.8 Taxes. You acknowledge and agree that, if payments processed through your APMA-US account in a given calendar year exceed either (a) $20,000 in gross sales or (b) 200 transactions, Neon One is required to report those transactions to the Internal Revenue Service, along with your name, address and Tax Identification Number.

2.9 Information Security. Neon One will implement and maintain information security controls, policies and procedures that include administrative, technical and physical safeguards consistent with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and generally accepted industry standards applicable in its industry, including without limitation, as applicable, the then-current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (as made available at (PCI DSS), that are designed to: (a) maintain the security and integrity of Transaction Data in Neon One’s possession or control; (b) protect against anticipated threats or hazards to the security or integrity of APMA-US Service; and (c) protect against unauthorized access or use of such Transaction Data. Except to the extent prohibited by applicable laws, rules or regulations or Neon One’s contractual obligations to third parties, Neon One shall promptly notify you upon becoming aware of any unauthorized access to or disclosure of Transaction Data (i) residing on any Neon One system, (ii) under the control of Neon One, or (iii) for which Neon One is responsible for managing in connection with the APMA-US Service (a “Security Event”) and shall take action as reasonably determined by Neon One to remediate, mitigate and respond to any such Security Event. You acknowledge and agree to comply with all of your responsibilities set forth herein and in any Additional Terms with respect to PCI DSS compliance.


3.1 Use Restrictions. Without limitation of the terms of the Terms of Service, in connection with your access to and use of the APMA-US Service, you shall:

3.1.1 Administer security within the Customer’s technical systems and environments used in connection with the APMA-US Service (the “Customer Solution”) (e.g., granting of rights to a user with the Customer Solution).

3.1.2 Maintain your authorized users’ desktops and provide authorized users with network access to the APMA-US Service.

3.1.3 Use reasonable precautions to ensure security for integration between your Customer Solution and the APMA-US Service.

3.1.4 Maintain compliance with the PCI DSS.

3.1.5 Maintain and observe all reasonable security measures to protect your Customer Solution from unauthorized control, tampering, or other unauthorized access.

3.1.6 Comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations including laws regarding privacy and protection of consumer data and comply with the Visa Cardholder Information Security Program (, the Mastercard Site Data Protection Program ( and all other applicable rules of card associations, including American Express®, MasterCard®, Discover® and Visa®, as well as the General Data Protection Regulation ( )as related to Cardholder Information of constituents within the European Union.

3.1.7 Provide all disclosures to and obtain all consents from each end user, in each case as required by the card associations and applicable law, prior to transmitting information relating to such end user to APMA-US Service or relevant Payment Gateway.

3.2 Appointment of Neon One and/or the applicable Payment Processor as “Payee Agent”. You hereby appoint Neon One and/or the applicable Payment Processor as your agent for the sole and limited purpose of receiving, holding and settling payment to you. You agree that a payment received by Neon One and/or the applicable Payment Processor, on your behalf, completes your Constituent’s payment to you, regardless of whether such payment actually settles to you. In the event that Neon One or the applicable Payment Processor does not make any such payment to you as described in these APMA-US Terms, you will have recourse against only Neon One and not such Constituent, as such payment is deemed made by such Constituent to you upon receipt by Neon One and/or the applicable Payment Processor.


4.1 APMA-US Processing Fees. Processing fees shall apply to all financial transactions conducted by you through the use of the APMA-US Service (including without limitation credit card, debit card, and ACH transactions). Processing fees applicable to the APMA-US Service (“APMA-US Processing Fees”) are identified in the Sales Order. These fees may be amended from time to time by Neon One in accordance with its rights under the Terms of Service.4.2 External Gateway Support Fees. If you choose to use a third party Payment Processor, applicable external Gateway support fees will apply. These fees (“Gateway Support Fees”) are identified in the Sales Order. These fees may be amended from time to time by Neon One in accordance with its rights under the Terms of Service.