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Turning Monthly Givers Into Legacy Donors


May 12, 2021
2 p.m. ET

Hosted By

Ligia Pena headshot
Ligia Pena
International Legacy Consultant, Globetrotting Fundraiser


70 minutes





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Legacies are often regarded as major gifts. While the amount may be considered major, donor profiles tell a different story. Did you know that monthly donors are six times more likely to become a legacy donor? Combining these two channels can be one of the most powerful ways to create sustainable long-term revenue for your organization. Yet, how can your organization best streamline this opportunity?

This session will break down some of the typical myths surrounding legacies, delve into the profile of the typical legacy donor and explore how you can work with your monthly giving colleagues to identify and develop engagement opportunities that will result in legacy pledges.

Join Ligia Pena of GlobetrottingFundraiser for this interactive session where you will learn:

  • How regular giving can increase due to legacies
  • Why major gift donors are not necessarily your top legacy prospects
  • What are the characteristics of a typical legacy donor
  • The role monthly giving fundraisers can play to amplify the legacy program