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Employee Retention: Challenges For Fundraisers


September 8, 2022
2pm ET

Hosted By

Lisa Tarshis headshot
Lisa Tarshis
Vice President, Evolve Giving Group
Jami Bachrad headshot
Jami Bachrad
Consultant, Evolve Giving Group


54 minutes





We’ve all seen the data on nonprofit staff retention, and it’s not great. The average fundraiser has a tenure of only 18 months. What would our fundraising programs look like if our fundraisers stuck around for 3 years, 5 years, 7 years? Imagine how much more we could do without the constant cycling of staff.

In this session, experts Lisa Tarshis and Jami Bachrad of Evolve Giving Group will explore ways that nonprofits can invest in staff and think more creatively about retention and staffing models to address the chronic low retention rate in the nonprofit world.

On September 8th, attendees will learn:

  • Ways to elevate and resource your current staff so they are prepared to grow as professionals on your team and fill leadership gaps in the future.
  • Creative benefits nonprofits can offer to entice talented staff members to stay – without breaking the budget.
  • Non-conventional staffing models that use your funds strategically and allow you to contract more specialized talent, rather than offering salaried positions that involve “wearing many different hats.” 

Happy fundraisers led to happy donors, so this is a session your nonprofit’s leadership team should not miss. 

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