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Honest Fundraising: Building Trust and Funding Through Open Conversations


August 10, 2022
1pm ET

Hosted By

Rickesh Lakhani headshot
Rickesh Lakhani
Chief Sabbatical Officer


61 Minutes





How would you feel if your donors saw that your nonprofit didn’t do everything perfectly? Would that scare you?

What if you could take that fear and turn it into a superpower instead? By embracing the imperfections in how social good comes alive in our communities, fundraising can become more authentic, easier, and collaborative. 

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Topics you never thought you could discuss with donors, but should
  • Issues that are caused by keeping donors at arm’s length from the truth
  • Strategies to shift donors’ understanding of your work and their role in it
  • Specific phrases and framing to move donors towards trust and mission-based funding

This session, which is part of our storytelling series, is a must-watch for any fundraiser looking to change the ways our sector thinks about the way raising money works.

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