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Next-Level Storytelling Tactics for Nonprofits


August 24 2022
1 p.m. ET

Hosted By

Abby Jarvis headshot
Abby Jarvis
Senior Content Marketing Manager, Neon One


54 minutes





Storytelling, storytelling, storytelling! If you work in the nonprofit sector, you’ve probably seen scores of articles and webinars about why fundraisers should embrace storytelling as they work toward connecting with and engaging their donors. It’s easy to talk about why telling stories is important, but it’s much harder to identify the best stories, tell them effectively, and share them with donors and potential supporters on different channels.

We’re here to help! Watch this session to learn practical strategies you can use for telling stories to your base of supporters. You’ll learn:

  • The classic storytelling formula you can use to outline your stories quickly and effectively
  • Tips for identifying compelling stories regardless of your mission
  • Ideas for sourcing real-life stories
  • Strategies for telling stories ethically
  • Different tactics you can use to get the most mileage out of your stories while sharing them on multiple channels

This webinar goes beyond the concept of nonprofit storytelling and digs into next-level strategies you can use to tell stories that will inspire your donors. If you’re looking for practical storytelling ideas and tactical ways to use those stories to connect with your supporters, this session is for you.

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