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Stocks, Crypto, Art Oh My: Managing Non-Liquid Assets In Your CRM


June 24, 2021
2 p.m. ET

Hosted By

Dan Schmidt headshot
Dan Schmidt
President and Founder, EBCFO


61 minutes





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The phrase “cash is king” is quickly becoming obsolete, especially when it comes to high net worth individuals. In fact, around 80% of the assets for the most affluent donors you may be able to reach are termed “non-liquid,” or wealth in things like real estate, stocks, and other types of property.

So how can your organization best manage these types of donors and their assets in your CRM and properly reconcile against your accounting system? In this webinar, we’re partnering with Neon One partner Emerging Business CFO’s founder Dan Schmidt to drill into:

  • What are “Non-Traditional or Non-Liquid Assets”
  • Why do donors want to give these items?
  • Governance Issues
  • Best practices for tracking these types of donations in your CRM