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The Simplest 1-Person Year-End Fundraising Playbook You’ve Ever Seen

Hosted By

Eric Linssen headshot
Eric Linssen
Program Manager for the Community Boost Accelerator


Year-end fundraising is hard, especially as a 1-person nonprofit marketing team. You know what makes it easier? A proven playbook.

Join Eric Linssen, Program Manager for the Community Boost Accelerator, to discover the simple yet effective playbook you can use to raise more money and stress less this year-end.

During this session you’ll learn:

  1. Community Boost’s proven year-end fundraising playbook for a 1-person team.
  2. How to stand out with a compelling and creative campaign.
  3. Our 1-Page Year-End Marketing Plan Template
  4. Exact sequences of what to do when to knock your fundraising goals out of the park.