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Take your event management to the next level

Whatever type of event your organization plans – small workshops, webinars, performances, conferences, or large fundraising events – Neon CRM makes managing all aspects of your event simple and efficient.

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Events management with Neon CRM

Powerful event management features

set-up wizard

Create events efficiently

Setting up your event has never been easier with our event creation wizard. Complete with template options, you can set up your event in no time and even schedule multiple and recurring events.

seat management

Assign seats with ease

Minimize booking errors and enhance the attendee experience! Whether you are hosting a performance or running a charity sporting event, it’s easy to create seat maps for your venue.

targeted event marketing

Attract the right attendees

Invite the right constituents with targeted outreach. Boost registration by offering special rates for early registration or other discounts to your potential attendees.

ticket sales

Streamline your ticketing process

Reduce administrative burdens and enhance attendee satisfaction with efficient ticketing features that let you set ticket sale limits according to your timeline and needs, and seamlessly process exchanges and refunds.

engage attendees

Enhance the attendee experience

Provide shorter, more efficient admissions processes with quick check-in. With digital and printed ticket options, real-time attendance data, and fraud prevention ticket scanning capabilities.

Plus more, including…

  • QR codes for check-in
  • Custom fields
  • Cart timer
  • Group tickets
  • Add-on donations
  • Member pricing
  • Conference sessions
  • Attendee waivers
  • Waitlists
  • Event performance reporting

Included with Impact and Empower packages

Plus $0.65 per assigned seating ticket sold


Starting at

$399 /month

Empower your organization with our full suite of tools, plus live chat and phone support.

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