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Enhancement App Collections

Looking For Ways to Boost Your Website’s Performance?

These app collections are more than just tools—they are the keys that will unlock your website’s full potential. Streamline your user experience, add powerful new functionalities, and leverage real-time data to elevate your nonprofit’s online presence and stand out from the crowd.

Illustration of Genesis from the One Bunch contained within a machine cog
Illustration of Genesis from the One Bunch contained within a machine cog

Enhancement App Collections With Neon Websites

Powerful tools that take your website to the next level

Compliance Collection

Combine the strengths of AudioEye and Usercentrics to securely manage sensitive information and navigate overlapping national and international regulations. Protect user data, maintain transparency, and achieve compliance with ADA, WCAG, GDPR, and CCPA regulations.

Automated Remediation

Avoid prevalent accessibility issues with automated solutions that will consistently enhance your website and keep it in alignment with ADA compliance standards.

Visual Toolbar

Empower your site visitors to personalize their experience by adjusting elements like colors, contrast, font face, and size to better suit their needs.

Live Site Monitoring

Make immediate adjustments on the fly and receive real-time accessibility analytics each time a user visits a page on your nonprofit’s website.

Reporting & Accessibility Score

Gain insights into your site’s accessibility performance with AudioEye’s Accessibility Score, along with data on the number of pages scanned, items fixed, and any potential risks or errors that may need attention.


Obtain, manage, and document user consent and automatically inform, scan, and block your users of third-party technologies.

Illustration of laptop screen with security lock shown above to symbolize compliance and security

Performance Collection

Gain deeper insight into real-time visitor interactions, improve your website’s search capabilities, and improve overall site navigation with WooRank and SiteSearch 360.

Illustration of two Neon One One Bunch characters inspecting data and charts on a computer screen

SEO Audit

Gain a comprehensive analysis of on-page elements and site structure to ensure optimal SEO alignment. Detect and address issues such as broken links, crawl errors, and orphaned pages for an enhanced search engine optimization strategy.

Keyword Tracking

Refine your content strategy with custom keyword tracking capabilities and easily identify trending keywords relevant to your cause. Further your mission by enhancing local SEO with geographic-specific keywords to target the right audience.

Powerful Search

Enhance your visitor search journey so users can find exactly what they are looking for.

Marketing Collection

Amplify visibility and increase engagement with HelloBar, Chaty, Neustar Localeze, and Kliken. Improve conversions with a multichannel chat widget, efficiently manage and optimize listings for better search performance, and create engaging pop-ups for precise audience segments.

Targeted Pop-ups

Create and display unique targeted pop-ups like bars, modals, page takeovers, sliders, and alerts to engage visitors and collect information.

Chat Integration

Enable a multichannel chat widget to facilitate seamless communication with users through their preferred messaging channel.

Listings Management

Manage and optimize business listings across various platforms to enhance your online presence and local search performance.

Google Ads Integration

Streamline your marketing efforts and simplify the process of ad creation for Google with this user-friendly feature.

Illustration that visually represents marketing activities, including dialogue boxes, emojis, and Ace from the One Bunch talking through a bullhorn

Advanced Design Collection

Elevate and enhance your website presence with the power of Common Ninja All-in-One Widget Suite. Enrich your site’s visual appeal, simplify content presentation, and create design elements that showcase impact.

Illustration representing design tools, featuring Victor from the Neon One One Bunch using a computer and a pencil, font icon, lightbulb, and graphics surround his head


An easy way to post updates, news, or urgent messages related to your mission, campaigns, or events.

Animated Number Counter

Draw attention to your organization’s key metrics and milestones.

Charts & Graphs

Bring your data to life! Whether you’re looking to showcase donor statistics, campaign successes, or community impact, visuals are impactful.

Testimonial Slider

Build credibility and inspire action through the words of your volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries.

Logo Slider

Showcase your trusted partners, biggest sponsors, and collaborative affiliates in a creative rotating carousel.

Language Collection

Utilize Bablic Translation to translate and localize your website effortlessly. Provide SEO-friendly translations and easy customization options to increase global reach, boost visibility, and drive greater engagement.

Automatic Translation

Streamline the translation process with instant machine translations for all your content.

Manual Translation Adjustments

Manually fine-tune translations for improved accuracy and cultural relevance.

Visual Editor & Sync

Real-time editing of translated content directly on your website to ensure translations stay updated with site changes.

Illustration representing language tools, featuring Ace from the Neon One One Bunch holding a magnifying lens and inspecting a document, while translation chat bubbles appear around him

All-in-One Collection

The most comprehensive digital solution for website optimization, engagement marketing, compliance and accessibility, and multi-language translation—without the hassle of piecing together disparate apps.

Illustration of two members of the Neon One One Bunch working together and floating graphics behind them that represent all the enhancements and tools they can use

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Spark meaningful interactions with website visitors.

Accessibility for All

Your site will be inclusive and accessible to users with disabilities.

Global Impact

Effectively communicate with supporters all over the world.

Rich Content

Reach constituents in engaging and creative way with the most effective tools.

Trust & Compliance

Uphold data privacy and strengthen credibility.

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