Simplified payment processing for more flexible fundraising

Create transparency from fundraising to finance with NeonPay

NeonPay provides seamless payment management from a single system — so you can stay focused on driving social impact. This integral part of the Neon One ecosystem enables a unified payment structure across your Neon One platforms, saving you time, energy, and funds. With NeonPay, you can:

  • Accept and reconcile fundraising efforts across all Neon One platforms
  • Manage online payment activity, disputes, and payouts
  • Process payments worry-free with built-in fraud protection & risk management features
  • Reduce the number of systems needed to manage your organization’s finances

Our simplified, flexible payments platform will save you time, energy, and money you can invest back into what truly matters: your mission.

Streamline your operations with a unified payments infrastructure

Your payment system should be easy for your donors, employees, and vendors. We’ll make a seamless connection between all three.


Payments made easy

Process credit, debit, and ACH transactions online and in-person with a credit card reader or scanner, void transactions, automate recurring payments, and encourage donors to pay processing costs.


Flexible payouts

Payouts can be easily managed and adjusted to fit your organization’s needs, and can be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Dashboard reporting

Combine NeonPay’s merchant portal view of processing activity with key information from your other Neon apps, allowing you to centralize information, resolve disputes, and map donors to donations.


Best in class security

Technology built with transactional fraud and risk management tools and client-side tokenization to ensure card and bank data is not passed through partner applications.


Merchant onboarding

Easy, instant onboarding that can be completed through either the NeonPay portal or within the Neon One software application of your choice. We make your connections simple and efficient.


Real-time updates

Neon One applications allow you to listen for real-time payment data updates, reducing declines and failed transactions with instant updates to critical card data.

Simplify your payment processing and unlock your potential

It’s time for an easier way to handle incoming and outgoing payment. It’s time to add flexibility to your fundraising. Let’s start today.

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