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Build Your Recurring Giving Program With This New Research

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April 08, 2024
Abby Jarvis

Should you start a recurring giving program? Will your donors actually make monthly gifts? What’s the most effective way to ask them to make a recurring donation?

These are all important questions—and we’ve just published a resource that will help you answer them! 

The Recurring Giving Report: Data-Backed Strategies for Sustainable Generosity is now available for download—it’s a great resource for anyone interested in starting or expanding a recurring giving program.

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If you’re a nonprofit professional, we wrote this report for you! Here’s a summary of what you’ll find:

  • A look at how recurring giving grew and evolved from 2018 to 2022
  • An analysis of millions of transactions processed by more than 2,000 nonprofits
  • Individual trends and takeaways for small, midsize, and large nonprofits
  • Insights from more than 100,000 recurring donors
  • Expert advice from nonprofit fundraisers and industry experts

This is a handy resource if you’re looking for ways to build a community of recurring donors. 

Don’t take our word for it—here’s what Meghan Meyerson, the Director of Donor Experience at IPH (and contributor to the report!), has to say: 

“The insights from this report shed light on the path for nonprofits like ours to harness the potential of recurring giving. It’s not just about securing funds; it’s about creating a community of committed supporters who believe in the importance of our mission.” 

Now’s a great time to focus on building a base of recurring donors. If you want a resource that will help you make it happen, grab your copy of the report today!

Tablet preview of Giving Report
Tablet preview of Giving Report

The Recurring Giving Report: Data-Backed Insights for Sustainable Generosity

Understanding how, when, and why recurring donors give is an important part of building a recurring giving program—and this resource is here to help you do just that.

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