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5 Donor Types to Engage This Giving Season

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Nejeed Kassam headshot
Nejeed Kassam
CEO of Fundraising KIT


Every donor is different! Ideally, fundraisers should communicate with each donor in a way that’s authentic to the donor’s values to improve fundraising success and donor experience.

However, as nonprofits have thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of contacts, it’s impossible to manually research and talk to each of your contacts. This is why taking advantage of your donor data is so important!

You can improve fundraising effectiveness by analyzing your donor data to identify and craft personalized messaging for certain donor segments that share common characteristics. Especially for Giving Tuesday and the end of the year giving campaigns, donor segmentation can drastically improve your appeals.

In this presentation, Nejeed outlines how to identify and appeal to 5 high-potential donor segments that you may not even know exist within your database.