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Closing Reception: Celebrating Equity, Future Commitments, and Changemakers

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Steve Kriter headshot
Steve Kriter
CEO, Neon One


As we draw Generosity Xchange to a close, we will pause to reflect and celebrate the shared wisdom and powerful insights that have shaped our journey. The powerful keynote from Rachel and Michelle reminds us of the transformative force of equity in community-building, and the change we can enact when we come together.

Join us for a pivotal discussion with Steve Kriter, CEO of Neon One as we outline our future course: a commitment to elevating under-recognized and under-represented communities. Our mission is more than just a platform—it’s to give voice, to empower, and to ensure inclusivity is at the heart of all we do.

The celebration culminates with our annual Changemaker Awards, shining a spotlight on those exceptional individuals in the nonprofit sector who have not only made a significant impact but have sown seeds of generosity far and wide. Thanks to our sponsor iWave for this awards ceremony!

Let’s toast to the trailblazers, the advocates, and each one of you, for building a world where empathy leads, and communities thrive.