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Collecting Courage: Creativity, Community, and Collaboration

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Nneka Allen headshot
Nneka Allen
Principal and Founder of The Empathy Agency
Christal Cherry headshot
Christal Cherry
President and Executive Consultant at The Board Pro
Nicole Salmon headshot
Nicole Salmon
Founder and Principal Consultant of Boundless Philanthropy
Camila Pereira headshot
Camila Pereira
Interim Manager, Development and Communications at Child Development Institute


Listen as Nneka Allen, Camila Pereira, Nicole Salmon, and Christal Cherry discuss the powerful collection entitled Collecting Courage. From the creative process of writing the book to the lessons nonprofit professionals can learn from the experiences of the authors and their stories and why this is part of a much larger movement that will change the landscape of philanthropy forever, this is a video you don’t want to miss.

Collecting Courage is a powerful and moving collection of personal experiences written by Black fundraisers that chip away at the idea of an inherent goodness of the charitable sector. So how can a sector that exudes such external benevolence be the cause and source of pain and trauma in the form of macro and microaggressions as documented in these stories? It has to do with who holds power and influence; it has to do with white supremacy, inequity, and racism and it has to do with deeply entrenched beliefs, behaviors, and exclusionary policies and practices that have been ‘normalized’ within the sector.

These personal testimonies document racism, survival, and the preeminence of 14 accomplished Black North American Fundraisers, 5 from the United States and 9 from Canada. This collection of works also speak to the journey of asserting Black identity in all-white work environments. The writers speak of their quest, often thwarted in the charitable sector, to bring to their workplaces the love they have inherited from their struggles to survive in a white-dominated society. These brilliant, first-person narratives give voice to a more accurate and complete picture of philanthropy and charity in North America.