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Creating a Community of Supporters That Sustains

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Katrina VanHuss headshot
Katrina VanHuss
CEO, Turnkey
Otis Fulton, Ph.D. headshot
Otis Fulton, Ph.D.
Vice President of Psychological Strategy, Turnkey





Do your supporters think of themselves as a “Warrior for (insert your mission here)?” Someone’s identity, how they see themselves, is a powerful motivator for behavior. People seek out communities of like-minded people that reinforce parts of their identity. That’s why building community is key for nonprofits to keep supporters engaged.

Often, nonprofits define “our community” as “the people on our email list.” When nonprofits talk to their house list, it’s usually only one-way communication—you to them. Enabling people in the community communicate with each other can transform the community into a movement.

Turnkey’s CEO Katrina VanHuss will talk with social psychologist Dr. Otis Fulton about the psychology of people who are engaged in a community to make things happen, and how nonprofits can channel their passion for change.