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Fundraise My Way: Creating A Winning DIY Fundraising Program

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Chris Hammond headshot
Chris Hammond
CEO, Corporate Giving Connection
Ann Marie Jacobus headshot
Ann Marie Jacobus
Associate Director - Digital Philanthropy, CHOC Foundation


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Creating a fun, fundraiser-friendly DIY fundraising program is one of the most difficult yet rewarding investments an organization can make. More and more fundraisers are charting their own success using branded tools to spread the word about their favorite missions. Is your program empowering your fundraisers to do the same?

Join Neon One partner Corporate Giving Connection and Children’s Hospital of Orange County Foundation as they discuss how to implement a fundraiser-focused toolset to ensure that all your experiences are fun, engaging, and on-brand.

The third installment of our Peer-to-Peer Accelerator Series features a highly conversational workshop where we:

  • Explore what it means to support a successful DIY program
  • Talk logistics around managing both individual and corporate support
  • Expand opportunities for DIY in an increasingly digital world

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