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Finding Your Power Fundraisers Report: A Panel Discussion

Hosted By

Keith Heller headshot
Keith Heller
Founder, Heller Consulting
Meghan Dankovich headshot
Meghan Dankovich
VP of Strategic Consulting and Marketing, Charity Dynamics
Sarah Willey headshot
Sarah Willey
Founder, Sarah Willey Consulting


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Listen to a panel of experts and peers as we unpack Neon One’s research on how the pandemic changed how the most effective organizations engage power fundraisers.

The fifth installment of our Peer-to-Peer Accelerator Series drills into the Finding Your Power Fundraisers Report. Listen in as the panel addresses:

  • What top fundraising programs did to address changing needs throughout the pandemic
  • Why certain fundraisers not only performed better in 2020 but actually came back more than usual to fundraise
  • Tactics on engagement that work best for some of the most inspiring programs we saw through 2020
  • The increasing role that peer-to-peer fundraising is playing in community giving days

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