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Humanizing Digital Transformation: Bridging the Gap between People and Technology in Nonprofits

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Tim Lockie headshot
Tim Lockie
Founder & CEO, The Human Stack


In an era where the digital world continues to evolve rapidly, nonprofits are presented with unique opportunities and challenges. Many nonprofits harbor the misconception that investing in more technology will act as a remedy to their challenges. However, the reality often paints a different picture. Despite significant investments, they find themselves trapped in an endless loop of unresolved tech issues. Is more technology the real answer, or are we missing a crucial piece of the puzzle?

In this session, led by Tim Lockie, we will explore the human element in digital transformation and its crucial role in nonprofit success. Tim will delve into the common pitfalls nonprofits face in their tech journey and offer the innovative solution of Digital Guidance®️—a strategy that prioritizes mastering existing systems over acquiring new ones. He will illustrate how this cost-effective approach can increase efficiency, minimize disruption, and offer better financial outcomes.

We will delve into how organizations can place humans at the center of technology and adopt a more empathetic approach to digital maturity. Drawing upon Tim’s firsthand experiences and the proven Digital Guidance®️ methodology he developed, we will evaluate why some organizations thrive with their technology investments while others constantly struggle. The session will tackle the key aspects that often go unnoticed but significantly impact nonprofits’ tech engagement—human emotions, expectations, and experiences. As digital tools become hosts for modern workplaces, those who lack digital maturity face the risk of disconnection. Tim will discuss how a proactive approach towards tech engagement can nurture a vibrant digital culture, fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring staff engagement.